Friday, 6 November 2015

Representation Of Disability

(Watch clip from 0:00 to 4:00)

Above is a clip from Game Of Thrones where Tyrion's ability of dwarfism affects the language used against him and results in him being faced with more dis advantages in his historical background. You can also see other people with dwarfism in the clip who are treated as being at the bottom of the hierarchy in the time period and having no identity.

Camera shots, angles, movement and composition 

At the start of the clip high angled shots are used to view king Joffrey in comparison to low angled shots which are used to show Tyrion. This is shown throughout the clip especially when the king is looking down at the other dwarfs below him. This shows hows disability is represented as a weakness in strength and power in society. Over the shoulder shots are also used when Tyrion is handing the cup to king Joffrey, this shot emphasises on the intimidation which Tyrion is faced with. The angle of the shot could be seen to show Tyrion as a child, in which king Joffrey is looking down upon him and punishing him. Over the shoulder long shots are also used to show the few dwarfs on the stage below the king, which suggests how they are far from any 'normal' human and are judged as morally different. The camera uses a low angle panning shot technique at 1:17 in the clip to show king Joffrey walking over to Tyrion, this adds to the tension of the conversation and helps you to see the scale of the stage, and how far Tyrion is away from the kings throne, showing discrimination in disability as he is near to the end of the table.

Mise En Scene

The setting is in late medieval period, where king Joffrey is wearing a crown and gold robes which makes him look important. He is also on a higher platform to those affected by dwarfism, who are wearing fancy dress costumes sitting on fake horses. This impacts on the representation on disability as it clearly shows how they are portrayed as being the odd ones out, who are unusual. They are also far from any one else on a stage which suggests they are not liked by anyone or are the entertainment of the crowd, being treated as animals with no voice. Tyrion is wearing a black armoured chest piece which is an unusual representation for disability in a TV drama, because it empowers the disabled which is rarely seen, however King Joffrey takes a glass of wine and pours it over his head, to intimidate Tyrion and show him that he doesn't get respect like any 'normal' person would.


Quick pace cutting between each shot is consistently used throughout the clip to show the speech between the King and Tyrion. When wine is poured over Tyrion's head the shot is shown for a long period of time with his face in the frame, you would expect him to be building anger and tension, however Tyrion remains calm, which triggers Joffrey to become more argumentative. However the quick pace editing shows that When Tyrion tries to speak he is quickly intercepted by king Joffrey who is the more powerful speaker in the conversation.


The sound of laughter can be heard in the background behind King Joffrey's voice when he is mocking Tyrion and the other dwarfs who are in front of him on the stage. This adds to the humiliation of the disabled, representing them as something instead of someone. A monotone sound of a violin can be heard from 2 minutes 10 seconds which slowly increases in level as Tyrion approaches Joffrey. Tyrion is being commanded to bring the king his cup full of wine, which suggests how powerless the disabled are represented and the jobs which they are seen to be useful for.

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