Monday, 5 October 2015

Mise En Scene


The setting/location in the clip from Luther has two different aspects. Firstly you see the exterior which is a busy highway road which has a dark dull bland colour palette, which can be clearly seen through the concrete skyscrapers and the bridge. A two shot is shown of the two characters on the bridge with the building in the background, this makes the characters look small and insignificant.
The Interior of the scene is not a stereotypical representation of a woman's flat. It is very masculine, neat and tidy, space related (Telescope outside and a black hole image), which isn't a usual stereotypical woman's occupation. You would normally see a male with this hobby or job. The interior is also high up which could be related to her flat as being important, this links to the telescope which can be seen in the scene, this could suggest she is a voyeur.
Luther's costume is smart, he is seen wearing a grey coat, shirt, tie and jeans, which all fit the males build. His hairstyle is neat, functional and easy to maintain. The woman's costume is business attire (all black) with high heels. Her hairstyle is neat and she is wearing makeup (red lipstick),.
The two characters in the scene face a power struggle, which is shown through the constant replies and actions which both characters show. From the scene we see, the woman is in charge as she always gets the last word (closes the conversation). She also uses a very subtle lower volume tone and pace.

The overall placement of the two characters in the scene is not a typical position for a two shot of a female and a male. The women is place lower in the frame in comparison to Luther (the male), but she has more control in the scene, e.g. he flinches when she touches. The two of them have an unusual relationship. (The male is the protagonist, the female is the antagonist).


The setting/location of the scene from skins is an interior. The room includes weights (workout/flexing etc) and a big mirror which is a mini montage of Tony's daily routine. Both of these do fit into a typical teenager's room who is trying to impress the opposite sex. However the room also has a bed cover which doesn't fit into the typical teenager stereotype bedroom as it has a picture of a male facing downwards and a female facing upwards, could this relate to his preferred sex?,  he could possibly be bisexual. This links to the lighting which can be seen on Tony's face at the start of the scene where shows half of his face in the dark and the other half in the light. In his room you can also see an old rug which you would associate with an older person who lives in house which is furnished with old items. The colour palette is quite dull and bland , minimalistic room with posters of films which wouldn't normally wouldn't be aimed at teenage boys, as they are seen to have high intellectual knowledge. This could suggest that Tony is intellectual and pretentious himself. This links to later on in the clip when Tony is on the toilet reading a degree level book.

Tony himself wears basic clothes as he is seen wearing a red jumper and trousers with white trainers. His t-shirts are kept neatly in his draw folded up and placed on top of each other in identical view, just like a clothes shop, this relates to Tony being an unusual stereotype of a teenage boy and could suggest that he has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  Tony's character in the clip could suggest he is monastic, this is encouraged by the sound of church bells which can be heard at the start of the clip. Also the fact that Tony is awake before his alarm goes off, and then he starts a daily routine, e.g. work out, then gets to the bathroom before his dad can, and slides out of the window and walks back into the house to the kitchen to eat his breakfast. However there is also another side to Tony as he is seen to gaze at a nude woman through his window who is getting changed. As well he winds his dad up by locking the bathroom door and goes behind his mum and dad's back by distracting his dad by turning his speakers up really loud so that his younger sister can sneak back into the house and get changed for school. These actions are more stereotypical of a boy in his age group and show a more immature side to Tony.

The choice of actors for Skins is very thought about as the mum and dad are both well recognized actors/actresses who are known to play comedy roles in other programmes and films. This fits in will with Skins as it includes a lot of funny moments which keeps the audience engaged.  

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