Monday, 5 October 2015

Self Representation Analysis

Urban -


Still representing status and style, it’s about partying, looking good and staying ahead of cool.
Stylers hold strong on the UK Tribes map – innately cool and stylish, the rising influence of Urban fashion and music have made them a hugely aspirational Tribe for youth today. As luxe sportswear and Urban high fashion has hit the Aspirants (check out the Hypebeasts), more young people than ever before are looking like a Styler and aspiring to their luxury lifestyle.

I believe I fit into this stereotyped UK Tribes category as I am fashion concerned but remain 'cool' and 'stylish'. I like to purchase expensive clothes/brands because I feel they are much more comfy to wear. E.g. id purchase Ralph Lauren joggers as they are of high quality and a luxury item.

Places where I shop -

People who I admire/role models -

 Hugh Grant because I think he is a good actor. He has starred in many good films which I think have been of a high standard. I admire his personality in general, the way he greets people, he has a friendly tone and look about him.

Michael Jackson as he has been my idol and favourite singer of all time, since I was around 6 years of age. His quirkiness and outgoing attitude in the music industry always made him stand out and something special. Sometimes I try to follow in his footsteps of being respectful and thoughtful to other people.

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